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For all inquiries, please send an email.
Email: kxkguitars@yahoo.com

KxK Custom Guitars - K.K. Downing of Judas Priest now plays KxK guitars.

KxK - Made in the USA only, and only by KxK guitars.

Artists who play KxK guitars include: K.K. Downing - Judas Priest, Laura Christine - Warface, Karl Sanders - Nile, Steve Swanson - Six Feet Under, Steve Rice - Kill Ritual, Dave Evans - Division, DD Verni - Overkill, Koama, Rene Benton - Junkyard Prophet, Matt McGrath - MALECODA, D.W.B., Rick Drago, Ted O'Neill - Oblivion, Ron Ardila - The Mandrake, Vic - Vindicator, Daz Schmidt - Hatchet Dawn, and many more. Check out the artist's page here.

KxK Guitars offers professional quality US made neck thru body instruments ONLY.



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